TxDOT Precertification Categories:

3.1.1        Route Studies and Schematic Design (Minor Roadways)

3.2.1        Route Studies and Schematic Design (Major Roadways)

3.3.1        Route Studies and Schematic Design (Complex Highways)

3.4.1        Minor Bridge Layouts

3.5.1        Major Bridge Layouts

3.6.1        Multi-Level Interchange and Exotic Bridge Layout

4.1.1        Minor Roadway Design

4.2.1        Major Roadway Design

4.3.1        Complex Highway Design

4.4.1        Major Freeway Interchanges and Direct Connectors

5.1.1        Minor Bridge Design

5.2.1        Major Bridge Design

5.3.1        Multi-Level Interchange Design

6.1.1        Routine Bridge Inspection

6.2.1 Complex Bridge Inspection

8.1.1        Signing, Pavement Marking and Channelization

8.3.1        Signalization

9.1.1 Bicycle and Pedestrian Facility Development

10.1.1      Hydrologic Studies

10.2.1      Basic Hydraulic Design